Sunday, January 22, 2006

Joe Bloggs' closing down sale. 

Everything must go! The stupid jokes, the funny stories, the inane comments, the sheer idiocy ...

There will be no more Joe Bloggs after today.

However, I will continue to blog as kitchen hand here. Come on over.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

It's all change, change, change these days - see you on the other side!
ah... how much is everything?... i do love a good sale!...

I'll miss the jokes... the stories... and the funny side... of oz!...
Thanks Ian and Boo. The price of everything is just to visit me at my other site, Boo. I promise to keep posting funny stories ... along with food and life in general.
say it ain't so joe
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Man! I slack reading all my faves for a minute and you disappear. Waah!

Oh, wait. You've got another site? Okay. I'll change your link on my page *again*.. :-)

Glad you'll still be around.
Hey! That's you, too?!? I had no idea. I just thought there were two clever fun people blogging when you were just one... Nice. =:-D
Yes, I'm one and the same, Miss Katherine! Thanks for coming over.
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now I know it..
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