Monday, May 10, 2004

I have to get out more. 

I was reading a blog.

Someone (I think it was Monkey but I'm not sure) commented that they hadn't seen a particular movie which someone else had presumed everyone in the whole world had seen, like twice or something.

This happens to me all the time. A person I am having a conversation with will say: 'Like when (character) said (quote) in (movie) ... ' and then stare at me if I don't immediately, like, parrot off the rest of the line and show immediate acknowledgemnt that I've seen the movie and know all the 'funny' bits off by heart.

Someone mentioned a scene out of one of the Star Wars movies.

I said I hadn't seen it, missed the run, was out of town, came in late that year or something.

They were staggered.

Then I said I hadn't actually seen any of the Star Wars movies.

They all but fell off the chair.

'What, not even on TV?'

Not even on TV.

'But ... why?' as if I'd like, murdered my mother or something.

I dunno. I just haven't. I don't object to Star Wars, well, the idea is a bit boring, but I just ... haven't ... gotten ... around ... to ... it ... yet!

Well. That got them reeling off all these movie names, trying to pick one I'd seen.

'Indiana Jones?'

Nope. Never seen any of them.

'Lord of the Rings?'

No. Read the book though.

'Superman? Titanic? Gone With the Wind?'

No. No. No.

'Toy Story? Ghostbusters? Pearl Harbour? Batman? Austin Powers, either of them? Men in Black?'

No. None of those either.

'There's Something About Mary? Forrest Gump? The Exorcist 1 or 2?'


'Surely you've seen Saving Private Ryan then? Surely!'


Finally they mentioned, I think it was ET.

Saw that when it came out, must be over twenty years ago. Mind you, I have seen lots of movies before and after that, just not the ones they mentioned.

Yes. I have to get out more.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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