Friday, June 04, 2004

Help a beautiful elderly dog, please? 

I just read this at this dog shelter in NYC, and because I am not in the US, I am appealing for anyone who reads this who may be in the US to help find an owner for this dog.

It is a Golden Retriever/Brittany cross (the article does not mention Brittany, but it clearly is part-Brittany) and were I in the US I would take on this poor old guy this minute.

Please, if you know anyone in the area, urge them to take on this dog. I have owned two Brittanies and they are the best dogs in the world - second only to Golden Retrievers! It is the perfect combination.

The report says:

'Golden Retriever Size: Medium
Age: Senior
Sex: Male
I.D: D1215031 Notes: Rusty is a very special dog. After 14 years of loyal service this beautiful Golden Retriever mix was found tied up in a building that was about to be destroyed with garbage, and glass piled as high as Rusty's neck. Rusty's owner (Roy Ruiz) abandoned Rusty in this building after selling it, the real estate agent in charge of the sale has been taking care of Rusty for about 2 weeks now. Rusty is an incredibly special dog, he is gentle beautiful and loving. Although Rusty is an elderly 14 years of age, he is in tip top health and is ready to go into a home. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Rusty please e-mail Todd from Hearts and Homes for Homeless Dogs at lbleier@nyc.rr.com

We realize Rusty's age is an impediment, but if you have a home where he can live out his final years in peace, there's another brick in your palace in heaven.

This pet is: up to date with routine shots and already house trained'

That 14 year old age is so NOT an impediment, as the article says. My last Brittany reached one day before 14 years and was a regal, loving, superb, dignified dog.

Someone save Rusty. Please.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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