Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sorry, we're outta chickens. 

This is the stupidest conversation I ever had in a take-away food outlet:

- Can I help you sir?

- Can I have one medium roast chicken, please.

(It was late, I had my children to feed, I had the vegetables on at home and I just needed a roast chicken, right? So I drive over to Red Rooster, the country's biggest take-away chicken chainstore, right?)

- I'm sorry, sir, we're right out of chickens.

(A moment's shocked pause.)

- You're outta chickens?

- Yes sir. We ran right out of chickens just an hour ago.

- But ... but ... you're a chicken store, right?

- Yes sir, but we just ran out of chickens.

- I can't believe you ran right out of chickens, because, like, when you're getting low don't you, like, call someone up to send over some more chickens?

(I don't know, a central just-in-time ordering system or something, whatever, I'm not Ronald McDonald, I don't know how these things work, I just know they SHOULD! Like, it's a national chain with a store in every other suburb, they totally need to not run outta chickens, right?)

- We've ordered more sir, but they won't be here until tomorrow.

- But you're open until midnight, what are you going to sell until then?

- We still have fries, thickshakes, chicken nuggets, soft drinks, potato salad, mashed potato ....

But no chickens. DUH.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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www.2jump2.com/x.php?a3 I Know what I Like, and I like it, Have a Laugh on me
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