Tuesday, July 13, 2004

OK. One more story about kangaroos then I'll shut up. 

But this is worth it. This is a great story.

This family has a dozen kangaroos in their lounge room. It must be a big lounge room. I mean, imagine TV dinners with joeys bouncing around all over the place. You couldn't concentrate.

The print edition carries additional photos not in the online story. The photos include a Boobook Owl with a broken wing carefully wrapped up in a small blanket, just his face showing; several joeys in 'pouches' fashioned from bedsheets to resemble their mother's pouch; and the daughter holding two MASSIVE wombats. I swear they are smiling.

The story goes on:

The couple are helped by daughter Monika, 17, a wombat lover, and son Damian, 23, a building contractor with an affinity for wallabies.

Their other daughter Melissa, 21, has just left home.

I think I'd leave home, too, if there were twelve skippies bouncing around the lounge room. I mean, a 21 year old needs her space!

Imagine the conversation: 'Dad, if you bring home another kangaroo, I am SO out of here!'

(FIVE KANGAROOS WALK IN THE DOOR) 'Right that is IT. I'm TOTALLY leaving ...

... Um, dad, can you drive me to the station?'

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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