Sunday, August 15, 2004

Last night's horrible dream. 

My regular readers may be aware that I sometimes post about some of the scary dreams I have. It's a good thing for me to post about because I do sleep a lot. So there's plenty of subject matter.

Last night I dreamt about a horror movie being made - it was some kind of medieval baroque horror story in which the actors were heavily made up in all these frightening costumes like something out of a Bosch painting (or was it Brueghel?).

In the film, much killing goes on and in the end, as the plotline resolves itself, one of the characters, a zombie, remains missing and is still 'out there'.

The shooting of the film had been a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Then the dream continued with the after-party following the wrap, held over a whole weekend in a big old castle in eastern Europe where filming had concluded.

Everyone was looking forward to the party, exhausted from the shoot and anticipating doing what actors and crew always get up to during a weekend of carousing.

As the weekend progresses, the actors start to go missing. Three of the remaining ones search the castle and then its surrounds. They find the missing actors dead in the forest, their bodies slashed with the word zombie. (The bodies include the guy who played the zombie in the movie, so it wasn't him.)

The three actors in the forest don't know whether to push on through the snow to safety elsewhere ... or return to the castle.

is it time for a nap yet? maybe not after a dream like that!

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