Thursday, September 02, 2004

The door. 

Something a little more sombre.

Another dream. I don't make these up, they are real dreams I have.

This one was seriously disturbing because it wasn't one step removed from reality like most of my other dreams which contain a kind of gothic horror element that give them some entertainment value.

In this one, I dreamt that there is a door somewhere that only a certain proportion of people can see.

I don't know where it was, but in the dream I somehow found out that some people could see the door and enter it, but others would never even see it.

In the dream, I entered the door and went inside.

Everything was black and white.

But it was like a black and white fog. (I know there's no distinction between actually dreaming in black and white and dreaming in colour, but I remember from the dream that when I went inside the door, everything 'became' black and white.)

The people inside were all monochrome, like in some netherworld, neither alive nor dead. They were all just there, not doing anything.

And the further I went inside the room, like a corridor, the darker it became.

As it became darker and darker, it was like those inky pictures taken at the bottom of the ocean by oceanographers.

Deep inside, there were people who looked they'd been there forever. Lost. Unable to escape. No hope of returning.

I knew that the further people went into the inky blackness, and the longer they stayed there, the harder it would be to come out of it.

It was extremely unpleasant.

However, I found my way out and closed the door, and even as I slept I realised I had been dreaming about depression.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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