Sunday, October 24, 2004

Movie review. 

I only went to see Open Water because I once visited the place that poor couple disappeared from - the case that this movie is supposedly based on.

Well, talk about a let-down.

All the reviews said a twist ending. A shock surprise.

If you haven't seen the movie look away now. I'm about to reveal the shock.

They're in the ocean for like fifteen hours.

One gets eaten by a shark.

Then the other one drowns.

And seven hours after they're in the water they have this childish argument about whose fault it was. That just wouldn't happen. It just wouldn't. They might argue about fault if they'd been saved and months down the track they were having trouble readjusting to their formerly stressed life. But not after seven hours in the water.

Shock ending might have been that they wash up on an island and live happily ever after eating coconuts and barbecuing fish. Or a Russian spacecraft module lands next to them and they are saved.

And how about the endless footage of the sea with scary shark music? That went on forever.

No stars out of five.

Plus, the cinema refused to sell me a choc-top ice-cream. You had to buy it as part of a combo deal with popcorn and soft drink.

What am I, a teenager?

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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