Thursday, November 11, 2004

Fun stuff to do with kids. 

As one of a large family, I used to have fun keeping my younger sister and brothers amused.

One of the rooms in our house had a built-in wardrobe that had like a false end in it in which I hid - even if you pushed all the clothes aside you could not see me hidden inside - and I would knock on the wall at the back of the wardrobe, which would sound like it was coming from another room. They would think I was in the other room, run into it; I would knock again, they would think I was in the wardrobe and run back in again and check it out, then they would get really confused and go look in another room. Then I would quietly slip out and just appear somewhere like the kitchen, standing stock-still and silent and they would turn around, see me and scream in fright. 'Where WERE you????'

I told them there was a secret room in the house and they believed it for years.

Earlier, when each of them were about one year old (which meant I was seven, nine and twelve in turn) I did this (I wonder if anyone else did goofy stuff like this, or am I the only clown?): I would lie on the floor next to them, face up, and spread a handkerchief (clean) right over my face. Then I would suddenly blow very hard and the handkerchief would shoot up into the air then float down again like a parachute. I have never heard babies laugh harder! I don't know why, maybe it was just a comical sight for them.

Then, years later, I did it for my own children - same result, they never failed to be highly amused. It's funny when babies laugh before they can even talk, it's like they're learning emotion first - as if the heart is learning to talk before the brain does.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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