Monday, November 08, 2004

'What's a weblog?' 

I went to a committee meeting. (I didn't volunteer to be on the committee, someone 'volunteered' me.)

The committee had been approached by a company offering to set up a dedicated webpage offering member interactivity and a range of other features.

For $20,000 over ten years.

Hold the phone!

I suggested that a web presence should be based on potential usage and that members - people who went to just one particular school - would not immediately start madly emailing each other just because this proposed site had that potentiality. A little like schoolfriends.com and similar sites. People have their own methods of contacting each that pre-exist. The service seemed over-designed and too expensive.

I suggested that other forms of a web presence for far less money were available; and that, for no money at all, the committee could set up a weblog which would probably suffice. All it really needs to do is convey news of meetings and annual events and gather basic information like numbers attending, etc.

No-one on the committee had heard of weblogs. They were like, 'What's a weblog? Is that like a logjam - information overload on the web?'

At least they knew what the internet was.

I think.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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