Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Friday January 7 1972. 

Today is the start of the return journey to Melbourne. With a heavy heart, I walked across the road and immersed myself in the Indian Ocean for maybe half an hour.

By ten o'clock, bright sun shining, perfect day, the annexe was packed away, the caravan hitched up and we drove out of Sorrento Park.

Heading south on the Great Northern Highway, we drove through Perth and out the other side of the great sparkling city of the south west, towards the giant Karri and Jarrah forests of the south-west corner of Australia.

'Well,' said Uncle. 'The home stretch.'

If you can call two thousand miles a home stretch.


On the car radio:

you came smilin’ softly, shyly movin’
easy as a dreamer into my room
and before I realized the danger
I found myself looking into your eyes

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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