Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A song for winter. 

Blackbird flying in the sky
please don't look me in the eye

you are very very lucky
it's never easy to find me

the winter's coming now you've grown
the cold will numb you to the bone

it cuts you through so that you know
in pain the minutes go so slow

your soul and mine will carry on
when this transparent world is gone

there's nothing strange in what i say
it's always meant to be this way


- thanks, andy bell etc; the best songwriters of the 1990s bar none

and welcome to winter

in australia

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

Winter, yes, but still no rain! It's weird!

Blackbirds are easy to like - they may have been brought in by people, but they're really pretty inoffensive and they sing so nicely.
P.S. The above was me - I'd filled in the boxes, but not dotted the "Blogger" spot!
Thanks, Ian - I don't really like Blogger comments but CommentThis failed (losing all my previous comments) and I wasn't able to install Haloscan for some reason. Guess I'll get used to Blogger. (Sounds ungrateful - it is a free service after all!)
and here i thought blackbirds were best baked in the kings pie.
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