Friday, May 20, 2005

Who put all these plastic jars in the shower? 

I picked up a plastic jar.

It wasn't shampoo. It wasn't conditioner.

It was something else. 'Face scrub' or something. It had bits in it. Bits of what, I don't know. Lucky I didn't put any in my hair. The jar looked just like the shampoo jar. Or tube or whatever it is you call plastic containers.

There was another one. I picked it up. It was a struggle. I'm 6'2" and the shower cubicle is kinda small. I hit my head on the soap dish on the way back up. The label on the plastic jar read 'Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Gel: Rainforest with Pine Needle Oil and Wild Mint.'


I've a garden full of mint growing wild and here we are squeezing fake essence of it out of some plastic tube manufactured from petrochemicals.

This aromatherapy thing is out of control.

Soon there'll be aromatherapy engine oil.

'Valvoline 20W-50 Aromatherapy Motor Oil. Suits all engines. With extract of lavender and roses to soothe and relax your engine especially in peak hour traffic.'

I finally found some shampoo amongst the hundreds of plastic jars. Unfortunately it was my wife's RPR 'Rev Your Red' colour highlighter. But I didn't read that part, I just read the part that said 'Shampoo'.

I went into the shower with fair hair and came out with red.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

i actually think that scented motor oil would be cool. they have those concept trucks that run on old cooking oil and their exhaust is said to smell like freshly-baked donuts
You can't beat freshly-baked donuts, Topanga.
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