Thursday, June 09, 2005

I got so excited about my old 1930s dictionary, I forgot to provide the actual definition of 'Gweeon'. 

Until reminded by Topanga.

So here it is:

Gwee'on n.
In Australia, a stone tomahawk.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

thanks joe! now i can use 'gweeon' in a sentence:

"Now I know the definition of the word 'gweeon.'"
Glad to assist, Topanga.

I'd be more like "Where the HELL have I put my gweeon?"

I'm like that with tools.
im going to go ahead and disregard that definition in favor of using it as an insult.
It is a great word... for a great object... though i do like it... as an insult... or an alien... or some great warrior... "I am Gweeon... leader of the vast unknown!"... or something...
Yes, thisgirl, like 'so-an-so is a total gweeon'.

Boo, I like the alien idea as well - it could also be a distant planet, populated by Gweeonites.
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