Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A little-known early version of the 747Jumbo - propellor-powered. 

Isn't it cute?

I love these aircraft pictures - I grew up south of Essendon Aerodrome - my family's home is somewhere in the background of that main shot.

My brother and I used to walk into the Aerodrome and poke about amongst the planes. Security? Huh! They were easier days. The only thing you couldn't do was walk on the runway. Well, at least while a plane was landing or taking off.

One bright, moonlit night, my whole family went to the Aerodrome to watch my newlywed uncle and aunt leave for their new home in New Zealand. They flew away in a TEAL Electra, one of the most beautiful aircraft ever to fly.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

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