Thursday, June 16, 2005

Movie review: Mr & Mrs Smith. 

Most married couples secretly want to kill each other but never get around to it.

Conversely, Mr & Mrs Smith spend half the movie ACTUALLY TRYING to kill each other, but secretly DON'T want to.

So they stop. And have sex instead.

Then other people try to kill them and they get mad.

(I'd get mad, too, if someone tried to kill me with large-scale weaponry including RPGs and AK-47s while I was trying to have sex.)

Stars Angelina Jolie. With prominent product placement for Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Actually, the star is the gin - the martinis are in just about every scene. Angelina is the product placement. She pouts, wears a selection of white singlets, eats a martini olive and then pouts some more.

get is it time for a nap yet? i think so

Jim Schembri (or was it Adrian Martin?) gave this film the dog rating in The Age. Was it really that bad?
No, Ian. It is totally preposterous but a lot of fun if you ignore plot.

This kind of humour combined with high farce amidst black horror - and there are some funny scenes - Hitchcock did so well (Trouble With Harry, North By Northwest etc) although these days the special effects guys have taken over.
Jill reckons the plot is the same as Prizzi's Honour - I'd mistakenly thought they had an original idea! Still, doing it with humour sounds promising...
I was going to see it... not sure if i'll bother... but good review... though i don't like anglina... i find her... unattractive... i know... it's weird... because she isn't... yet i find her... so repulsive... and i don't know why...
That is exactly what I meant, Boo - Angelina is a one-dimensional pouting clone - she shows nothing of herself. She could be a robot. Today's audience knows nothing of Angelina Jolie - whereas yesterday's audience knew something of actors gone by after seeing their films.

Of course, it's not her fault.
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