Saturday, July 30, 2005

More stupid questions about the Internet. 

Who decided the full stops were going to be called 'dot'?

And why? If it was for reasons of brevity, why did they go and choose the longest letter for the domain - 'doubleyou, doubleyou, doubleyou'? Huh?

Why not 'eee', standing for 'Earth's Electronic Encyclopedia'? Or 'iii' for 'Intercontinental Information Interchange'. Or even 'ccc' for 'Complicated Communication Channel'?

And why do people keep repeating 'doubleyou, doubleyou, doubleyou' when stating a web address? Isn't it a given? It's like saying 'Earth' on the end of your home address like we used to do as kids.

Maybe it's time to break the unwieldy 'www' monopoly.

How about mmm.chocolate.com, sss.reptiles.com and zzz.beds.com?




is it time for a nap yet? i think so

You funny man...


and to kristine, what about

That double-you thing drives me nuts, as I often have to dictate website URLs to people - leaving it off confuses them (even though it's not even necessary)!
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