Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Definition of disappointment. 

Being excited about another comment appearing on your post, only to check it and realise that it was YOUR OWN reply to previous commenters.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

oh joe... i know what one!... that made me laugh sooo much.... ain't life grand!...
aw. i been there.
Yep, talking to yourself like the Omega Man.

It's funny, I know quite a few people read my blog now, but they're more likely to tell me in person of in email than to write a Comment, even anonymously. Weird!
Joe, one problem I have with your Blog (on my little home PC), is that it won't scroll beyond the end of your archive list, so I can't add comments to earlier posts.

I had this problem on my blog as well, until I added a whole list of < br > under the archive list in my Template, to make scrolling down work on all computers...
Did you literally just add < br >, Ian?
Joe, yep, I added lots of < br > only without the spaces (I added those so the posting system in the comments here won't query my HTML).

If you do View and Source on my page you'll be able to see the code in all its ugliness! :). Careful though, as tampering with other parts can mess up the Archives setup, etc.

If you look at my code you should see a string of those < br > breaks near the bottom of it.
Done, Ian - let me know if it works or if I need more BR's!
Joe, right now it gets me exactly this far, which is fine as I read your blog regularly :).
Thanks, Ian, I really don't understand the technology - but as long as it works, that's great.
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