Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ever wonder why people aren't commenting any more? 

It's because there are way too many blogs.

In fact, there are now 19.6 million weblogs, which is double that of five months ago and thirty times that of three years ago. And there is a new blog created every second.

Imagine if you were really compulsive about reading blogs and you tried to comment on every blog in the world.

Of course, alert readers will already have realised that I predicted all of this way back on November 26, 2003.

In fact, look carefully and you will see that that post was my VERY FIRST.

Complete with a spelling error.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

Amazing!... but then how many people use the internet?... does everyone who is online have a blog yet?... i don't think so... because there are still lots of people... who i know... who use the internet... and have no idea what a blog is... so where are all the bloggers?... well the english ones...
A lot of people down here as well don't know what a blog is, Boo.
When you look under profiles of particular interests it's often amazing at how few other Bloggers shared your own enthusiasms, but maybe they're all on LiveJournal... or something.

That figure does make blogging seem somewhat redundant and self-indulgent, and maybe not very original, but oh well... I wonder if includes all those Spam blogs that seem to be finding me lately.
Never mind the others Joe, you are the one! At least you have a small select faithful following, who hang on your every word.
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