Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another zoo story: boy jumps fence and gets a scratch from a leopard; mother calls for leopard 'not to be put down'. 

Can you believe that?

A nine-year-old boy who should have more sense, jumps a fence, runs over to a leopard's cage, leans against it and gets scratched, YET THE STUPID KID'S MOTHER PATRONISINGLY SAYS THE LEOPARD SHOULD BE SPARED?

More stupid stuff in the story: the kid's fellow students (he was on a school excursion) were to be offered 'counselling' BOTH at the zoo and after they returned to school.

Not everyone in the story is a complete screwball - the Zoo director said safety procedures would be reviewed but the investigation would focus on supervision of school groups rather than safety barriers.


Did you get the zoo director's name?

Mr Gibbons.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

Hey, I only just checked your blog, I swear! My post today is about this same story. The kid called the animal that mauled him a "cheetah" yesterday, but the papers have all "fixed" the quote.

I'm going to review The Monster of God fairly soon. Poor leopard - we're really just a natural food item (and always have been). I mean she is already incarcerated and we live enough of a "Nanny State," I reckon.
Counselling... for being an idiot i hope?...
Yea, people are stupid.... what can I do?
Yea, people are stupid.... what can I do?

Jake, get a pet leopard! :)
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