Monday, December 05, 2005

The Tale of Mr Hibbertopterus. 

Mr Hibbertopterus the giant scorpion slowly and carefully picked his way across the sand one cold, windy afternoon, minding his own business.

He'd been out gathering food (he was more of a gatherer than a hunter) to bring home to Mrs Hibbertopterus and the little Hibbertopteruses (-i?) and was looking forward to a nice smoky Scotch, maybe a Laphroaig, maybe a Bruichladdich, maybe something he could pronounce, in front of a roaring fire after dinner.

Mr Hibbertopterus was a gentle, unassuming creature, not given to stinging anyone at all. His home was near the cold waters of the stark Scottish coast and he spent his days trawling for small worms, bugs and other creatures of the sea. He was, after all, five feet long - nearly the size of a man (which, in those days, was a purely hypothetical comparison) - and so he needed to eat quite a lot of worms and bugs in order to keep up his strength.

This afternoon he was feeling particularly satisfied with life. He had had his fill of worms and now he was bringing home a bag full of tender sea creatures for his family to enjoy.

Mr Hibbertopterus had almost finished crossing the sand and was about to enter the water when BANG! suddenly a huge asteroid wiped out the entire surface of the earth.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

Hmm, I wonder what the evolution hating people will have to say when they eventually find the missing link. I actually think I have had a date or two with him but we will keep that between me and you.
I wonder if Mrs Hibbertopterous knew.
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