Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This is fun. Uh, oh. 

Yesterday Uluru, tomorrow the world. (See two posts down - Earth google.)

But today, we'll visit one of my favourite places, the Murray River - the water of which flows from the Australian high country and then winds its way down towards South Australia through endless vibrant landscapes with the kind of light that is seen nowhere else in the world, past endless River Red Gums, beneath red cliffs, alongside camping grounds that are thousands of years old and hold the bones and shells of a million dinners under bright moonlight. (I've camped by it myself and watched a moon rising like a giant white luminous plate and I will never forget it.)

OK, now let's go. Key 'Murray River Australia' into Earth Google.



It's locking onto where? That's nowhere near Australia. We're in the middle of North America. It looks like ... Kansas City.

Zoom in. It looks like a new suburb, all curly courts and unfinished houses.

We're lost, Toto.

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

Hee hee... well... get lost in Wisconsin and I'll promise you some cookies with milk, and some cheese! ;)

Tag! You're it! I hope you're ready to play!

It's a "meme Christmas"!

What are your five favorite CHRISTmas songs?
Name your choices and then tag five more friends.
Have fun!
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