Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why don't people throw out ballpoint pens that no longer work? 


I've been thinking about this and I have several theories why they end up back in the drawer.

Theory 1. A ballpoint pen that has run out of ink doesn't look broken and people only throw out things that look broken.

Theory 2. They think it hasn't really run out of ink, that it's the paper's fault, like it's waxy or something.

Theory 3. My most compelling theory. People are lazy and the waste bin is too far away.

There's a thesis in this. Maybe a book.

Where's my pen?

is it time for a nap yet? i think so

That's funny!
I think you could get a research paper out of that...maybe even some funding....

I usually do toss my old pens out...but only becuz i get fustrated when i try to use it and it doesnt work and i hate that.
If you write the book... I'll buy it... I'm curious like that. ;)
We have quite a collection of non-working pens! A corollary of this theory is that the good ones all get taken away somewhere and disappear, and only the non-working ones ever get put back.
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